Sign the petition to make Nusinersen available to terminally ill children with Spinal MuscularAtrophy

SMA causes increasing muscle weakness and paralysis. In most cases, babies never sit unsupported, crawl or walk and 95% have a life expectancy less than 18 months as they lose their ability to breathe. SMA is a cruel diagnosis and knowing there’s a safe and well-tolerated drug which is not yet available on the market, is hard to bear.

This medication, called Nusinersen, has not had one side effect in over four years of testing. It’s showing fantastic results and children that were never expected to achieve certain milestones are still alive after the treatment!

SMA is a degenerative condition which makes early intervention vital. With no alternative drugs available, children with SMA can’t wait any longer for treatment!


Please give SMA babies a chance at life!

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