In this section I will compile a list of the toys that I’ve found that Helena has quite enjoyed playing with.



Penguin Bath Toy

Bath time is great for children with SMA as the water takes the weight of their bodies and allows for freer movement. This penguin bath toy was brought as a gift for Helena and Helena enjoyed turning the water wheels on the front of it with her fingers.




Munchkin Bath Letters IMG_20160726_105221478and Numbers.

These foam bath letters and numbers stick on the side of the bath and are Helena’s most played with toys in the bath. They are very lightweight and easy to pick up.






M&S Mechanical Bath Duck

This mechanical duck swims around Helena’s bath and she likes trying to catch it as it passes. It’s quite heavy, but good for visual stimulation.







Lelin Wooden Nature Activity Cube Beads Wire Maze Creative Educational Game

Activity cubes are good for playing with whilst lying on the floor. This one has a shape sorter, spinning puzzle and spinning cogs on the other sides and Helena can use all sides of it (with some help on the shape sorter due to her age). It also has a mini bead maze that is also a lid for it.





Magazine Toys

Toys that come on the front of children’s magazines tend to be really lightweight and easy to pick up. Just be sure that they are big enough and robust enough to be baby friendly. Helena loves pretending to talk on this little light pretend phone that came with a children’s magazine and the lollies also came from a magazine cover.





McDonalds Toys

This little dog is a McDonalds happy meal toy from the secret lives of pets selection. You can actually buy these toys separately to a happy meal and they will cost less than you might pay for a similar little stuffed toy in a shop. It’s small and lightweight and easy for Helena to pick up.




Galt Toys Ambi Lock a Block RattleIMG_20160906_191024695

This shape sorter has a little door on the side which Helena likes to open and close and take the shapes out and when stood on it’s side because the shapes that come with it don’t have to be aligned in a certain direction it is easy for Helena to post the shapes into the right shapes.




Glitter WandsIMG_20160906_195142314

These plastic wands are filled with glitter making good sensory toys. This longer one is fairly heavy, but they also come in keyrings which are shorter and much lighter to lift up and play with for Helena.





Pop-up BooksIMG_20160906_190506356

Because in pop up books the pages of the book always have a little bit of space between it is much easier for Helena to get her fingers between the pages and turn them over. Helena loves turning the pages back and forth in this book.





Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy’s PianoIMG_20160906_183842381

Because of the extra large buttons on this toy Helena is able to push the buttons which she often doesn’t have the strength to do on most toys. The keys also light up as they are pressed.






Balloons are great toys because they are light weight. Helium balloons can be tied to the wrist or ankles. These small balloons are available at most card shops and have a small handle that Helena can grab so that she can play with this balloon, we can even give her 2 and she can bang them together.




Melissa and Doug Bella Butterfly Bubble BlowerIMG_20160906_193901956

Helena can manage to blow bubbles using this tube shaped bubble blower that means her mouth is in the right position to blow bubbles. This is also great chest physio for Helena too.





Pound Shop InstrumentsIMG_20160906_194726273

Pound shops can be great and inexpensive sources of toys for children with SMA. The toys are generally very light weight, but just be sure that they are robust enough for small children. These water flutes are lightweight and are again good chest physio for Helena. Whistles, tambourines, rattles etc can also be found in pound shops and are more likely to be lightweight.



IMG_20160906_190130760Sofia the First Music Centre

This toy has a drum that is easy to press and it also had a mouse that is also very easy to push. There is a book section at the top and if I stand up the pages Helena loves to turn them over. I didn’t think that Helena would be able to push the keyboard keys on it, and at first she didn’t, but she does now push them too and the light up music notes.




Smart-Trike Recliner 4-in-1IMG_20160801_140847743_HDR

I saw that children were able to fall asleep in these and though that might be ideal for our floppy children. I think this helps Helena practice her core muscle strength and also helps her feel included. She loves it when we put her on her bike and push her along in bike races against her sister. If just reclining doesn’t allow use it could also be combined with a hensinger head support if head support is an issue.







Rice Sensory PlayIMG_20160628_144919134

Rice on a tray, simple sensory play.






Water Beads Aqua GemsIMG_20160906_181750383

These are also great for sensory play and feel great to manipulate. Helena loved them.






Asda Activity TriangleIMG_20160906_195223236

Activity triangles, similar to activity cubes are great because they have surfaces that stand up off the ground, making them easier for floor play. Helena loves twirling the paddles on this toy.





Aldi Light up Bath DucksIMG_20160728_110802186

A lovely bath time toy and as with most bath toys – light weight enough to be picked up.

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