Helpful Equipment:


Squiggles ChairIMG_20160406_153521360

This chair offers supportive seating for feeding and playing. The seat can be tilted to help with head control when Helena is tired and comes with a table to put toys on. The chair can also be raised up and down, so that Helena can be lowered down and play with her 3 year old sister and be raised up to table height at meals and to see the counter in the kitchen when we make cakes together and things. It also has wheels so that it can be moved around and safety catches on all the adjustment controls to stop big sister from tinkering. Due to Helena’s loss of head control at time her chair has a more supportive headrest than the standard chair.




Penguin Bath Chair

Helena loves bath time as the water takes the weight of her body and it allows her freer movement. This chair allows her to lay in the bath safely. The chair can be adjusted as Helena gets bigger and has suckers to secure it to the bottom of the bath.



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